Fly Fishing

Flyfishing in The Byske river is one of my passions. Leather is an extraordinary material for making fishing clothes and fishing accessories. It all started with The Byske Vest. Lately I have made additional products that you can read about on this page. For many years I am working as a flyfishing guide with my friend Stig Lundgren at Byske Flyfishing Guides.

The Byske Vest

The Byske fly fishing vest is especially made for salmon fishing on the Byske River where deep wading is inevitable. The vest is made of soft reindeer hide which darkens beautifully with age, more with rain and exposure to water in general. The vest itself is light-weight and it distributes weight high on your shoulders. In terms of working load you barely notice wearing it. The freedom of movement is kept at an maximum when fishing both one- and two-handed rods. You may have the vest cutomized in many ways to match your specific needs. Read more!


Everything is possible! Here is the result of a custom order from Iceland where the customer wanted The Byske Vest decorated with salmon skin. Have a look at more pictures of this beauty!

Reel Bags

New in 2012 are reel bags made of reindeer hide. The bags are softly lined. They are available in different sizes to fit all reels available. These bags provide excellent protection for your reels even when reels are mounted to your fly rods. Read more!


Rod Covers

A sturdy and exclusive series of rod covers in reindeer hide. Several sizes. Here!