The Byske Vest

Unique fly fishing vest

The Byske fly fishing vest is especially made for salmon fishing on the Byske River where deep wading is inevitable. The vest itself is light-weight and it distributes weight high on your shoulders. In terms of working load you barely notice wearing it. This also goes for when you have put all the extra stuff in it. The freedom of movement is kept at an maximum when fishing both one- and two-handed rods. The vest is made of soft reindeer hide which darkens beautifully with age, more with rain and exposure to water in general. The vest handles all weather, all seasons, however it is not water-proof. You may have the vest cutomized in many ways to match your specific needs. The vests that I have made and sold in 2011 are almost identical to the vests that I make today.


Comfort and functionality

Adjusting the height of the front pockets as well as the length of the side and front straps will make the vest fit yourself. The front pockets are big enough to hold most fly boxes on the market. There are smaller extra pockets on the inside as well as the outside of the main front pockets. Pockets come with high-quality zippers. On the front of each pocket there are burdock connectors for accessory mounts. The vest is supplied with two mounts by default. One takes tool holders, pin-on-reel, or anything else that you may tie into it. The other mount is a simple piece of synthetic fur to put dry flies on. The back piece of the vest can be easily detached from its D-rings. It consists of a large pouch to hold a jacket or any extra equipement you might need, and it has a thinner pocket on the backside.


The back piece as well as the front pockets make nice areas for engraving your name or a fishing theme. You could also put brands on it or simply use the burdock connectors to attach your nameplate or logo. The photo on the left shows cutom-made tool holders for hook sharpener, flash light and hook detacher.



Material: Naturally tanned reindeer hide
Weight: 580-620 g (depending on hide thickness)
Front pockets dimensions ( H x W x D, mm): 200 x 145 x 35
Back pocket dimensions ( H x W x D, mm): 220 x 300 x 50
Number of outside and inside pockets: 3+2
Rivets: Chromium plated brass
D-rings: Stainless steel
Zippers: Plastic

History and development

During the last few years I have made minor funcional adjustments to the vest however it closely resembles the original design from 1999. From this photo you can see how the color and surface of the reindeer hide changes with age. The vest in the middle has never been used. The one to the left is my own vest made in 2010. The third vest was made in 2009 and it has been used during approximately 150 days of fishing. It has now been 13 years since I made my first fly fishing vests. One of these vests is illustrated in four of the pictures below. This very vest also made an appearance in the movie Salmon Summer on the Byske River and in the movie’s trailer (at 0:40).


The price is 3200 SEK (approximately 305 GBP or US$ 480 at present) excluding shipping cost. You may order vests directly from us or buy from any vendor listed in the column on the right. When buying from us please contact us for shipping method and vest customization. You may also make an appointment, and why not have a guided tour at the same time for some fishing? Contact details are available in footer and front page.