Happy New Year!

01 Jan

I would like to wish you all a hapy new year! As you can see from these photos I have been busy preparing for winter and the upcoming markets by sewing a lot of hats. There are quite a few pieces of news that I have not previously written about. First of all I have updated the image gallery on my hats collection with a very popular model named Russian. This hat is very well thought of and it will always be available in my line. Just like the other hats you may have the Russian in any color that I have available. If you do not need the warmth but still want fashion then try a comfortable head band. It is also made of reindeer hide of course. I have also added a few photos of hats made of synthetic fur. All fur hat models are available in this gentle fur. Also I would like to tell you that shortly there will be an extensive update to the information on my flyfishing vest. There will be many more picture of functionality, how the vests have evolved during the last years and how nicely they age with outdoor use. Further ahead I will also post an update prior to the winter market in Jokkmokk. Until then I wish you all a magnificent 2012!

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